Capsule Hostel

Located in the center of La Paz, the Prado Capsule Hostel offers a comfortable, safe and at a good price to rest and enjoy your stay in La Paz, a city of wonder

The Prado Capsule Hostel, comes from the idea of ​​installing a Hostel in the city of La Paz that can provide all the comforts to those travelers who arrive in Bolivia and enter our city to later meet all or some of the tourist attractions that our country.

This type of lodging is inspired by the capsule hotels of Japan, which are & nbsp; typical of the great Asian metropolises, they are called that because the beds are inside a kind of capsule.


For our hostel the guest is our priority, that is why our electronic capsules offer a personal, private, comfortable, safe, at a good price and free of external noise, since we have a modern soundproofing system, which ensures the pleasant rest of the guests who visit us.

Enjoy your visit to La Paz city and stay in the first capsule hotel in Bolivia and the surrounding region. You’ll feel at home, we await your visit!!!

Our rooms

The Prado Capsule Hostel offers guests comfortable and modern facilities as well as diverse services that will make your stay a wonderful experience. The hostel offers a completely comfortable and safe environment, and has rooms with 2, 6, 10 and 12 electronic capsule beds, with an overall maximum capacity of 44 people. All capsules are equipped with a soundproofing system that guarantees our guests all the privacy needed, and each room has a modern central heating system by way of a hot water radiator system which ensures a pleasant temperature for our visitors.

Our location

The Prado Capsule Hostel is located right in the middle of La Paz City. This location allows our guests to serenely visit almost all the tourist attractions in the city on foot (museums, arts and crafts markets, shops, restaurants, etc.) while also making it easier to connect to different modes of transport to visit tourist attractions further away.(General information about La Paz City)

Our services

Our hostel offers a number of shared spaces - a cafe-bar patio that allows for mingling between guests, a dining room and a 2nd floor terrace where visitors can rest, sunbathe and relax with their favourite book. Furthermore, the hostel has a games and entertainment room where guests can enjoy films on a gigantic screen as well as different board games.

The hostel provides WiFi in all areas as well as several computers for guests to use for all their travel needs. The hostel also provides laundry service (at an additional cost).

The wonders that our wondrous city offers

The hostel’s close proximity to attractive historic and touristic sites, like the San Francisco Basilica, Plaza Murillo and the Witches’ Market among others; makes your location a fascinating and strategic place to ensure a gratifying stay in La Paz. For its part, the everyday life that the district is home to offers tourists various options in terms of restaurants, shops, recreational spaces as well as providing easy access to banks and money exchange offices that are found close to the hostel.